Luxury At Ease

LOUIS Kienne is a collection of hotels and serviced residences — multiple and inclusive, held together by an affinity for luxury hospitality enjoyed at ease. Fresh, comforting, and human, our service is built upon the foundation of compassion, where every interaction stems from our genuine concern for your well-being and needs.


LOUIS Kienne hotels and serviced residences represents the well-connected, modern lifestyle – an upscale brand and hotelier concept designed for cosmopolitan travelers and seasoned city dwellers for business and leisure stays. Warm welcomes and personalized services provide our guests with a refreshing, and relaxing hotel experience, while the inviting atmosphere and approachable staff ensures you the perfect experience of luxury that is always at ease without the need for self-imposing ‘luggage’. Our mission and the details we attend to reflect this attitude in hospitality.

Life delights in Life. At LOUIS Kienne, we create the best time and space for introspection; a time for relaxation, self-discovery and better living. With each cherished moment & new arousing emotion created shared, we hope you will have a pleasant remembrance of your stay at LOUIS Kienne.

Intelligent, Passionate, Involved And Personal

The signature touch of Luxury at Ease can only be delivered by the skills and sensibility of our intelligent and involved team.


We are intelligent and experienced, allowing us to adapt and improvise off the service script, providing smart practicality while establishing genuine connections with our guests.


We are passionate about delivering quality hospitality and service. Staying with us is easy because we tend to all the fine details.


We are inclusive and open with our guests, stakeholders and the communities we serve.


We treat all guests with the same level of impeccable, personal service and surround them with the feeling of appropriate familiarity and friendliness. Because we truly care.

It Is About Living Everyday At Its Best

“Live each day as if your life had just begun.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Let us play host to your life of endless possibilities.